A speech

Note from Rick Salas & Family.   April 9, 2008

Even with all our busy lives and problems we consider big every day, I always think about Mikey and the legacy and impression he left upon all of us. I was especially thinking about him and you and the family this past Saturday. I think about the time, over 20 years ago in Sept. of 87', when Pope John Paul II was visiting San Antonio and Mikey was only about 5 years old and lived by Westover Hills. Myself and Debbie were trying our hand at trying to be entrepreneurs and sell our own "Pope Fans," to no avail. And of course we had a few hours respite at the house right off Potranco where the vendor stands were set up, the night before Sun Mass. We laugh and sigh about it now. But I remember Mikey asking that morning, "why we were selling fans?" I don't think he meant in the money sense though. Little did I know, I would later interpret that to mean what spiritual meaning did it have. Mikey, even at that age had some kind of precocious premonition of what would happen. He basically inspired me to write a communication analysis of the whole event, which a few months later I would place at Collegiate Speech Nationals. The foundation of the speech encompassed how deeply people felt about God and Christ, and the lengths they would go thru to be closer to Him, and how this was not some type of Fiesta event which vendors tried to make out of. Perhaps somehow even then, God was using Mikey to spread a message and use him as a spiritual conduit. I don't doubt that all the stories of his Acts of Kindness were to teach us how to be closer to God, and to show how Mikey was a child of God on earth, as he is now in Heaven. Although, it is sometimes hard to get through different problems on a daily basis, I only have to think of Mikey's enthusiasm for life and leaving something positive to each and every one of us to spread among others; perhaps, even more so now. We'll always love Mikey, but I think he definitely knows that already. I think he continues to plant God's seeds of love in all of us thru his past Acts, and will continue to teach us. There is Mikey's legacy in all of us to impart now in some way. Love, Rick, Debbie, and kids.