An email

Note from Patricia Salas   April 11, 2008

It seems we all sneak a peak at this web-site -- all for one purpose: to remember Mikey. Perhaps reading through the stories provides the sense of closeness we all felt towards Mikey. For me, I am still at a loss and still have tremendous grief that he is not physically with us. I miss him very much. But reading the story above from my brother, Rick, I find his words to be uncannily true. Just this past weekend, as I was completing the packing for the move to our new home, I came across e-mail correspondence I had with Mikey years ago, when he was first beginning his financial wizard business. Mike was so excited, and tried very hard to involve his family in his undertakings. He approached it with that same zeal that my brother spoke of. And although I did not really have the means to par-take in what he was trying to offer, I wanted so bad to do so, based only on Mikey's enthusiasm. His smile, his excitement, and his caringness is something that I am sure -- not a single one of us can erase from our minds.

I miss you Mikey, and I know that everyone senses that you ARE looking down on us with that huge smile in a sense that is real. Love your cousin, Trish