Note from Calvillo Family. September 8, 2007

Bubba was the given nick name to our Michael, he was a beautiful child who was always confident in everything he did. Bubba was my first child, I had just married his mom, Rosemary. Michael when we first met did not trust me around his mom as we dated, he would always want to sit in the middle of us; see what Michael was afraid of was his Mom being unhappy or disappointed. His views through his eyes as a young child developed into the man he became and was so adored for. He quickly became a horseman with great riding skills and joined me and my buddies at many weekend ropings, he became a very loving son that respected our home and our rules, yes he sometimes borrowed our vehicles without asking and attended dances with his lovely friends, but what he didn't know is that my hood of my truck should have never been so hot after his mom and I had returned from our dinner in San Antonio. He was very loving to all, he held no grudges, see he struggled as a young child between two families and different views on how to raise a child. But he became a catalyst to both families, he brought those that were different together; his ability to make you accept these changes was endlessy hopeless, see Bubba always had the last word. We held him to the highest caliber and we now hold our other three children, his sisters and brother to the same gauge, love as he did and enjoy your loved ones for we do not know when we'll see each other again. I was Michael's other Dad and Friend. I loved him for who he became, a great young man that with his absence we now struggle to understand and cope with our individual lives, see he loved life everyday of every second. He lived for today, not tomorrow or next week. He was a great son and friend to me, I will miss him dearly, for he was my 12th man and he will always be my son, my first. I love you Bubba and we all miss you dearly. Rosemary,Rebekah,Annissa,Matthew, and Armando Calvillo. New York is beautiful and thank you for talking us into this beautiful side of the world. The kids love it, as you said they would. God Bless all of our Friends everywhere and Family back in Texas, We Love all of You!!!