Christmas Fun

Note from Jeannie Quintanilla. October 30, 2007

I'll start with my favorite time with Michael and the most recent - it was Dec. 20th or so, he was down from Chicago,and he was gonna pick me up to go shopping at La Cantera, but before that, I had picked him up from the airport. We had both agreed that we were both not gonna eat, because right after I picked him up we were going to go eat at J. Alaxanders in the Quarry, it was our favorite restaurant....his plane was to arrive at 2 or 3, but it was late, and I was soo mad. He finally landed,and said he ate, just a little bit, but it made me a little mad, because I waited. Anyway, we went to eat at our place at the quarry, talking and having a blast, then he tells me that he has to hurry because I have to drop him off at Red Lobster to eat with his dad and his grandparents, and I freaked!!! I said what! We ate, I dropped him off at Red Lobster. We were met with his dad outside the place and he kindly says "Do you want to join us, we would love to have you," and Michael and I look at eachother, and he whispers, and says,"just tell him no, that you have somewhere to go", please Jeannie", and so I did just that, I said thank you , and see you later. Michael was gonna pick me up a couple of hours later so we could go to La Cantera Christmas shopping. When he picked me up, the funniest thing he said, "Oh my god ,they wanted to order appetizers, and I ate them plus most of my meal." He was dying of overeating, but that was just Michael, not wanting to hurt your feelings in any way.......It's the last time I would be hanging out with my best friend....He picked me up around 7 or 8pm because he couldn't find his credit card that he had left in my car.....I reminded him of it, and he came straight to my house. We left to La Cantera. God from there it was soo much fun. Just shopping for all our friends and family. OHH, but before that he picks me up with his dad's truck, that he hated by the way, and I said I didn't mind taking my car, but he was like naa, lets just go, and he stops at the Quarry market. At the store, Taos, he goes in for a second and comes out with my gift, they were beautiful pearl earrings that he had been researching, and thinking about for a while to get me......I adored them, and still wear them today, even at his funeral.....So he surprised me with that, and then we left to La Cantera, shopped forever for his mom, sisters, dad, etc....himself. He had been looking for a certain cologne, and he found it....and I convinced him to buy Chanell Plantinum for men, he loved it..... I had also bought him cufflings purple and silver, which he loved and a wallet with his initials.....Once we were done, the whole time just laughing and joking at everthing and everyone, we always had such a huge blast.....we ate at PF Changs. It started to rain, and he did the sweetest thing, he said "wait here I will go get the truck and I will pick you up", just like him you know!.....then we drove back. I was going thru a divorce, and he read or reiterated parts of the Bible to me, as if saying I was gonna be really ok.......My one eyed dog loved him,and he teased me because she wanted to be with him rather than me in the other room......The next day, he went to meet his mom, and I let him take my car. And sweet Mike filled it with gas before he brought it back.....After that, he left, not knowing this would be the last time I'd see him! We spoke over the phone everyday just until the day ( hours before) he died.