Father’s Day 2007

Note from David, Mike's dad. June 11, 2007

As Father's Day approaches, I reflect on many wonderful times I had with my son. There were so many, it is hard to name them all. But there were a couple that stand out in my mind. One was when Mike was around 8 years old and he was lucky to get a go-cart for his birthday. I can still see the amazement in his face when his eyes gleaned on this shiny red two-seater go-cart. We filled up the gas tank several times that weekend as he raced up and down the street. (It is fitting that you see a picture of him and his Grandpa Victor riding it since it was my dad that lent me the money to buy it for him!) Perhaps that was where he started his love for racing and NASCAR!

While his college graduation was the ultimate excitement, I reflect on his high-school graduation night in Jourdanton. Mike generated such pride that I dare say that his family was the largest in attendance that night. If you look at the pictures or listen to the video, you can hear 50+ family members cheering when his name was called out. Between the Ramos, Chapa, Flores and Calvillo families, there was a lot of cheering and pride that night. I continue to peek at that video as I look at the joy Mike had in graduating and seeing such a large family cheer him on !!

There are so many other wonderful time and stories remembering his cute cap-gown ceremony when he graduated from kindergarten, watching him bungee-jump from a 10-story high platform at South Padre, roping a goat at the Stock Show in Houston, para-sailing in Hawaii, so many wonderful memories of a young man who accomplished so much ---- his life is such a source of pride for his Dad. I thank God for the opportunity to share life with such a wonderful Son!