Memories from a college friend

Correspondence from Eric Baldwin. April 22, 2007

Hello my name is Eric Baldwin and I was a friend of Mike's from College and the Corps of Cadets. In fact Mike was the very first of my buddies I met through the Corps our freshman year. From the day Michael and I met in the hall way in the corps dorms we became good friends and shared great times and memories on a daily basis. However the story I will tell you about is the last time I spent time with Mike. It was in New York city celebrating Brendan Kinne, another buddy of ours bachelor party. Mike and I had a good time going out with fellow buddies in celebration. One night our group got split up and Mike and I met a few ladies that we went out dancing with. We had a great time and Mike surprised our group with some how getting some kind of limo taxi to take us from place to place. Everyone was excited and we enjoyed the city and sights from the luxury of a limo . Mike had an infectious excitement about him more than any other person I think I have ever met. To conclude the time in New York, the rest of my buddies had earlier flights out than Mike and I. So once again just the two of us were left to hang out in the big city of new York. Mike had lived there previously and I had never been, so Mike showed me around some and then we went to Lombardi's Italian restaurant. A place I had read about, that was suppose to have the best pizza in New York. Mike was excited and proud as usual to know exactly where it was and the best way to get their. So we went and the pizza I think was the best I think I have ever had, and even more important Mike and I caught up on our lives and had great conversation. The rest of the day Mike proved he new where everything was in New York city and we put one more memory in the bank upon the thousands already their. Mike was a true friend and made an everlasting impact on my life. We often talked about our spiritual relationships with Christ and I know Mike is looking down upon us with a smile.