Mother’s Day 2007

Correspondence from Ramos Family. May 14, 2007

This first Mother's Day with Mike at the Lord's feet was a somber one. We missed him on this holiday and imagined his hug and an 'I love you' he would share. The Ramos family gathered at a park with many others from the family and with their moms. We received a beautiful message while we were there. A huge monarch butterfly flew into the pavillion area and landed on Michael's grandmother's flowers. It stayed on the roses and carnations from the bouquet for a long while. Butterflies have become more significant to our family since Mike's passing. There were white butterflies at his funeral and a few have seemed to hang around when we visit his grave. The monarch butterfly at the park then flew onto Michael's grandma's corsage, and then fluttered on the top of her eyeglasses! It seemed to be dancing around us, and brought tears to our eyes. It flew into the grass, and then stayed on his cousin Amanda's hand. It flew back onto the flowered bouquet and remained there for about an hour. We thought it would fly away when Mike's grandma lifted the bouquet to go home. But, it didn't! The butterfly remained, and she got into her car with it. We found out this morning on the way home, Mike's grandma would touch its wings and it would just spread them open. Once home, it flew away in the dining room, and they couldn't find where it flew, even after looking for a half hour. After a couple of hours, the butterfly flew into the living room and landed on the 'B' of a carved word they have - Believe. Perhaps this is another symbol the Holy Spirit has provided for the family to let us know that Michael is free, living in eternity with God the Father & Son, and that there is so much beauty and love he now resides in. We will hold the memory of this butterfly dear to our hearts. May all of the mother's in this family and those who knew Michael know how much they are loved! Here is a picture of the family and this butterfly~

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