Note from Armando Calvillo & Family. February 5, 2008

We went through the year with our hearts heavy with pain and sorrow as a new year dawned on our young family. We clearly thought of Bubba when he was with us for the New Year celebration, his simple hugs of love and pecks on the cheek of sincere love. We played his game that he had learned, for Matthew was not going to let us go without playing his big brothers game. We had the family over and that helped so much as we dealt with our loss, but our gain. See he inspired us so dearly! The girls remember his last words as we left to the airport, "Girls please don't fight, I love you!". Our hug was as one person as I hugged him for the last time and gave him a kiss of sincere love -as he returned it I melted, as if I was being comforted by some higher power. You see I knew Michael would be lost, his love was so genuine and he portrayed every bit of it to his sisters, little brother, his mom and myself. We think of many simple moments and times of his love for us and will cherish it forever. To have known his simple plan was to have known a very blessed young man and a true treasure for life. The Calvillo Family, love you all and God bless you all!!